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Memories of Best Places To Visit In Alexandria Virginia

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Our family had been eager for a vacation, and Alexandria, Virginia, stood out as the ideal destination. Known for its colonial heritage, lively waterfront, and rich history, Alexandria offered a wealth of attractions and culinary delights. With great anticipation, we planned our journey to explore all the best places to visit in Alexandria, Virginia. Here’s a detailed account of our 5-day adventure, packed with discovery, history, and plenty of family fun.

Waterfront Delights

We arrived in Alexandria on a lovely afternoon and checked into our charming hotel in the historic Old Town. Excited to start our adventure, we headed straight to the Alexandria Waterfront. The views of the Potomac River, combined with the vibrant atmosphere, were enchanting. The kids enjoyed watching street performers and admiring the boats docked at the marina.

For dinner, we chose Chart House, a waterfront restaurant known for its seafood. The clam chowder and crab cakes were delicious, providing a delightful introduction to Alexandria’s culinary scene.

A Journey Through History

Day two was dedicated to immersing ourselves in Alexandria’s rich history. Our first stop was Gadsby’s Tavern Museum, where we took a guided tour to learn about the colonial era and the tavern’s significance in American history. The kids were fascinated by the stories of George Washington and other historical figures who frequented the tavern.

Next, we visited Carlyle House Historic Park, a stunning 18th-century mansion. The guided tour offered deep insights into colonial life and the role of John Carlyle in Alexandria’s development.

Lunch was at Vola’s Dockside Grill, where we enjoyed fresh seafood with a view of the Potomac. The fish tacos and calamari were a hit with the whole family.

In the afternoon, we explored Christ Church, a beautiful Georgian-style church with ties to George Washington and Robert E. Lee. The serene atmosphere and historical significance made it a memorable visit.

Artistic Exploration

We dedicated day three to exploring Alexandria’s art and architecture. Our first stop was the Torpedo Factory Art Center, a unique space housing numerous artist studios. The kids loved watching artists at work, and we even picked up some beautiful handmade souvenirs.

After a quick lunch at Virtue Feed & Grain, a gastropub with a cozy ambiance, we headed to the Alexandria Black History Museum. The exhibits were enlightening, showcasing the contributions of African Americans to the city’s history.

For dinner, we dined at Hank’s Oyster Bar, where we savored a variety of oysters and other seafood delights. The lively atmosphere and delicious food made it a memorable evening.

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Outdoor Adventures

Eager for some outdoor activities, we started day four at Huntley Meadows Park, a nature lover’s paradise. We enjoyed a leisurely walk along the boardwalk, spotting wildlife and admiring the beautiful wetlands.

In the afternoon, we visited Cameron Run Regional Park, which offered a variety of family-friendly activities. The kids had a blast at the water park while we relaxed on the grassy picnic areas.

Fond Memories

On our final day, we decided to explore the vibrant King Street, Alexandria’s main thoroughfare. We browsed through charming boutiques, sampled treats from local bakeries. Before heading to the airport, we made a final stop at Fort Ward Museum and Historic Site. The well-preserved fort and informative exhibits provided a fitting end to our historical exploration of Alexandria.

As we boarded our flight home, we reminisced about our wonderful experiences in Alexandria. From the historical landmarks to the scenic waterfront and delicious food, we had explored numerous places to visit in Alexandria, Virginia, creating unforgettable memories as a family.


Alexandria, Virginia, is a city brimming with history, culture, and charm. For families planning their trip, it offers a perfect blend of educational and fun activities. Whether you’re exploring colonial landmarks, enjoying the vibrant arts scene, or savoring local cuisine, there are endless places to visit in Alexandria, Virginia. Our 5-day adventure was a testament to the city’s allure, and we can’t wait to return for more discoveries.

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